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Knife Materials

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These parts are all that is required to make a basic pattern except the glue and determination.

This is a nice simple design  and is easy to produce for the first time maker.

The pattern shown is from Bob Engnath but you could substitute anything similar.   It is small enough that you could easily make a blade this size and type with a hacksaw and file. This particular example is three inches of quality cutting edge.
Two hardwood scales. In this case red ebony but anything similar will do fine. This particular pattern is suitable also for cord wrap.
Pins & thong hole liner. Stainless steel is the best for this but copper, silver and other alloys can be used as mosaic fillers.

Heavy harness leather, 4 pieces rough cut cow hide
Waxed linen thread, about ten ft  Get four harness needles in case two of them break.


For a stubtang loose all the pins except one and the thong hole liner. Make a steel or brass guard and substitute the scales for a single chunk of wood.


Knife Materials
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