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Poem The Sword Alone

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The Sword Alone

The Sword alone can right your wrongs,
All brave men now must own it;
The Sword to Freedom's cause belongs,
All history past has shown it.
Then grasp the Sword and say no word,
Bright steel must plead for Eireann.

In vain you weep, in vain you pray,
Your masters smile, and heed not;
You sigh in vain for freedom's ray
While Erin's foemen bleed not.
Then grasp the Sword And say no word,
Sharp steel must speak for Eireann.

Fling out your banners to the sky,
Place swords around them gleaming;
Your tyrant foes can scarce deny
What's asked by sabres beaming.
Friends, grasp the sword, And say no word,
Bare steel must plead for Eireann.

With arms in hand now claim your right,
Your arms alone can serve you;
Your Justice yet will vanquish Might,
But first your arms must nerve you.
Unsheath the Sword, And say no word,
With steel now strike for Eireann.


Poem The Sword Alone
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